Who We Are

The First Formaltrade entity was founded in 2007 and since this time, we have proudly grown exponentially in leading the way of expertise, in ‘Trading Signal Systems’ for our unique active Asset Management.
Formaltrade GmbH as the active management entity is founded and registered in Switzerland that boasts a superior, bespoke trading model, second to none.

The model has managed to outperform most asset classes during the periods of great volatility.
This system has also been refined in recent years, which has also led directly to even obtaining a regulated Swiss Asset Management license.
We are a global group of specialists who work closely with our own wealth management team.


Formaltrade GmbH is founded and licensed in Switzerland.
Formaltrade GmbH working permission is registered via The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) through the PolyReg for Asset Management as General Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO).

Emergent Evolution

Consideration of a new goal and commitment to structure a profitable functional system to be used in the financial market began in 2001 after unbalanced market fluctuations.
The joint efforts commenced when the company’s founder along with the original team were consulted as engineers at Ericsson / Infineon
Microelectronics division (Stockholm) with the main basic design on working with one of the first-generation Bluetooth systems.

System Development

This newly own developed data-communication product was established and further developed by KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Electro-Data engineers in Stockholm.

All experience and knowledge as ground base for this task were engaged from Stockholm’s Silicon Valley in collaboration with the Swiss university of science and technology, ETH Zürich.

Our Reputation

Formaltrade has built its reputation with the integrity and experience of its board and management members,
Formaltrade solid Asset Management and robust Track Record; which has yielded high appraisal due to Formaltrade revered Software and Management System.

The Board & Management Team

Our Goal

Formaltrade provides excellent wealth management services and works with clients to create a personal positive growth plan.
This will assist Formaltrade continue a solid profit expansion, whilst at the same time, retaining its existing wealth.
That remains our main focus at Formaltrade Group.