Our Team

Formaltrade is a global group of specialists who work closely with own wealth management team, along with many years of combined experience, by selected activity only in the largest, best and fastest-growing financial markets in the world.
 ♦ Formaltrade services provide clients with discretionary asset management through a specialist team that operates globally and offers clients specific trading measures for the best available impact and protected historical returns that are independent of financial market trends.

Formaltrade values ​​clients and provides best-effort services to them which often larger competitors cannot; these are specialised, personalised efforts and services without the high fees and limits of major financial institutions but with the opportunity to take advantage of every market place and all alternative investment opportunities that the major financial institutions are limited or unable to follow.

Increasingly, people with their own initiative are turning to Formaltrade because of flexible and independent financial services, especially as more and more individuals realise that the capacity of large financial institutions is limited. Formaltrade is always dedicated to striving to offer each client the highest standards and superior quality.

Our Ambition

Formaltrade will only grow as each and every one of its Clients is able to grow, not merely as the clientele grows.

This is one of the principal reasons why so many choose Formaltrade, because of valued quality and the power to recognise it.

Our Strategy

The Formaltrade Group is not content with simply providing services and products similar to every other financial services company.

Formaltrade wants to enable clients to benefit from new opportunities whenever they are found and believes that it will grow along with clients, not only in financial terms but by empowering people as well.

Our Service

As a global firm, Formaltrade ensures that every client will receive the attention, respect, performance and fidelity of having their own personal advisor guiding them in all facets of their financial matters.

By keeping a close contact with Clients and by understanding their needs and goals, Formaltrade is able to successfully deliver available solutions in the financial market.

Our Reputation

Formaltrade has built the firm upon the reputation of its founder, advisors, managers, and by means of its own Software System, regulated Wealth Management and humble good track record.

The courage by Formaltrade to expand both its Client’s horizons, as well as its own, by taking great responsibility with the protection of Client Trust to only take calculated risks.


To value all clients and to provide them services what any larger competitors cannot; which is a specialised personal service without the high fees or the limits of larger financial institutions, and with the opportunity to take advantage of the marketplace and various alternative investments which larger financial institutions are incapable of doing.
As clients start becoming aware that the capabilities of the larger financial institutions are limited, more and more individuals turn to Formaltrade because of flexible and independent financial services.
Every corner of the world has numerous alternative investments and Formaltrade would like to enable all clients to benefit from these opportunities, made available by constant research and development of new strategies, which will offer clients a much broader range of services.
Formaltrade is always striving to keep every client at least one flash ahead of the yield curve.