Apply Online - Swiss Quality Asset Management

1- Open Swissquote Bank Forex-Account

Formaltrade Asset Management at Swissquote Bank requires the applicant to:
Select and complete the forms ( A + B + C ) on screen,
Print and Sign by hand,
Send original signed documents to bank address.

Transparent Asset Management

  • No Upfront Fee No After Fee.
  • No Management Fee No Yearly Fee.
  • No Maximum Deposit.
  • No Withdrawal Restriction.
  • No Start Day No Exit Date.
    • Daily Trade Results.
    • Real-Time Online Access.
    • The Client in Control at Any Time.

"Formaltrade Asset Management is also authorised and SRO approved for the application process to assist the client in setting up their bank/trading account at Swissquote”*

"The Clients should always seek Independent Professional Financial Advice before proceeding with any new Financial Investment"

Profit Sharing

Formaltrade acts only as the ''External Asset Manager'' via the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) with transparent profit sharing implemented after a performance.

  • The generated profits for the month are shared directly by the bank:
    Client 50%.
    Formaltrade 50%.
  • 'High Watermark' based profit sharing:
    In the event of a negative month, no profit sharing will take place until all equity is recovered.
  • There are no hidden management fees than informed.

Trade Cost

In order to directly comply with FINMA 2020, please note that on the Formaltrade Management System, there is a 0.5 (½) "Mark-Up" or "External Spread" as trade cost per position.

  • This covers system and management costs as to keep real-time working tools densely intact:
    This allows us to keep the Monthly Profit sharing fee in balance so as NOT to pass any additional Management fees to the client.
    The Mark-Ups are fairly standard and very low compared to other management systems.
    We have ensured that Mark-Ups are kept to a minimum, which allows us to continue the trade management without potential price disruption as a separate negative effect on the client.

Trade Cost Samples

All "Mark-up fee/External Spread" information, as trade cost, is always included and informed to the clients for their approval of selected and used LPOA in selected currency.

  • Standard cost samples per trade position in selected currency:
    500k trade volume gives 25 trade cost.
    1m trade volume gives 50 trade cost.
    10m trade volume gives 500 trade cost.
    100m trade volume gives 5k trade cost.
    200m trade volume gives 10k trade cost...

"The entire Formaltrade Disclaimer and Safety pages must be read and confirmed as understood and accepted before any participation for Asset Management to commence"


  • Formaltrade Group or any Formaltrade entity is an independent Asset Management Group or entity.
  • Any Bank or any financial broker entity is not part of the Formaltrade Group or any Formaltrade entity.
  • Formaltrade is only an independent External Asset Manager company.
  • Any Bank or any financial broker entity is not an agent, employee or otherwise associated with or endorsed by of the Formaltrade Group or by any Formaltrade entity.
  • Formaltrade is not an agent, employee or otherwise associated with or endorsed by of any Bank or any financial broker entity.
  • Formaltrade Asset Management is not a product of any Bank or by any financial broker entity.
  • Any Bank or financial broker entity acts only as the prime broker or financial provider may also act as the Trading Platform provider, without commerce association.
  • All Rights Reserved.

The Bank

“Formaltrade works with Swissquote Bank who is the Swiss leader in online trading. Through our established relationship and in conjunction with a verified client profile - We are able to offer the right asset management services via Swissquote Bank for all approved clients accounts."



Formaltrade GmbH is founded and licensed in Switzerland with a verifiable registration from:
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) through the PolyReg for Asset Management as General Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO).