What can be said about management structure?

Formaltrade is provided Banking technical solution enabling the clients to appoint Formaltrade as an Asset Management company on their participations. To support this activity, provider Bank creates a unique environment, adapted to Formaltrade Group management as follows:

  • Sophisticated reporting and a wide range of risk management tools in combination with the top regulatory environment and unique access to liquidity create adequate investment and management environment for Formaltrade, and to be able to offer the best solid protected management solution to the participant clients.
  • By efforts to lead and to keep increasing the confidence of the client’s positive and protected results, Formaltrade operations fundamentally offer the best-protected management structure available in the market.
  • Formaltrade GmbH acts as an external discretionary asset manager, only for management via LPOA. Formaltrade’s experienced members and one of a kind self-developed trading and information system, work together with top market providers to present clear wealth management solutions designed to meet the client’s individual needs and requirements.
  • Working with clients to create for them a step by step personal positive growth plan for solid profit expansion and preservation of their existing wealth is one of the main objectives of The Formaltrade.
  • The complete client-in-central advance solution in the financial market means there will always be protection for clients in whichever route the client may choose. Expertise and ability along with an extensive range of product control and services are the reason for the success of all clients.
  • Formaltrade Group management approach is for individuals who do not have the time or the expertise to manage their wealth portfolios by themselves, and for individuals who would value the knowledge and resources that Formaltrade brings to fore.

Supporting all participants clients to make the correct decisions to reach their success, Formaltrade Group will make sure the client’s wealth is performing above standards and the management system works properly and efficiently.