What is the Profit-sharing, management fees or Mark-ups?

Profit Sharing

  • With Formaltrade as active External Manager via Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), Clients profits will only be billed by offered % for monthly profit sharing by the bank or instrument provider, as a predetermined percentage and only on any new monthly profits.

Mark-up / Volume Fee / External Spread

  • As for Formaltrade management system costs, is only (1/2) 0,5 mark-up per position, to cover standard management costs to keep real time management system densely intact.
  • Formaltrade mark-up cost or any other possible external fees charged by any instrument issuer or bank shall not be calculated as profits and will not be affected by any type of monthly results.

Mark-up or named as Volume Fee or External Spread – Samples:

    • 500k USD trade generating 25.00 USD fee per position.
    • 1m USD trade generating 50.00 USD fee per position.
    • 10m USD trade generating 500.00 USD fee per position.
    • 100m USD trade generating 5k USD fee per position.
    • 500m USD trade generating 25k USD fee per position.
    • 1b USD trade generating 50k USD fee per position.

For more accurate used cost system as well as updated existing levels kindly see at: Apply Online