Reasons for using Swissquote Bank?

First and foremost, Swissquote is based in Switzerland, but also regulated in the UK; which is needed for a large portion of our high-net client distribution.

Swissquote Bank SA offers one of the best-specialised trading environments via its online financial platform and its analysis & selection tools. The bank offers a specific, premium service for high-net clients which is in turn, ideal for our tailor-made, asset management trading model.

In addition, the bank offers one of the best available electronic asset management tools, ePrivate Banking, as well as traditional banking services. These include; mortgages, savings accounts and more specialised transactions, such as currency trading. Not to mention the support, which is one of the best in the industry.

What is the rationale of the Investment – via LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney)?

At Formaltrade we believe that the best asset management is when the client has all the power of their capital.  This is what you get when using our model via the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA).

The funds remain in the client account at all times. Funds remain protected as segregated bank account and ONLY available for the Asset Manager to manage during trading hours.

Methodology of Investment, how is this to be managed, on a day to day basis?

All trading activity is carried out and settled mainly within the same business day.  The model only looks to trade when the right conditions are met.

Note: We do not attempt to let any position run overnight.  All trades are settled, anticipated end of the day.

Will the same people be involved, as per the past performance figures achieved?

The same structured team are involved in the current methodology (active management) of the trading model. This is the same team system that was responsible for the very high level (of ROI) that the fund performed throughout its history, to date.

What opportunities are currently foreseen?

With the recent disruption ad volatility seen in global markets, we foresee extremely low-interest rates worldwide for a considerable time, especially whilst debt remains so high.

Even though markets have somewhat recovered from the lows in March/April 2020, investor confidence has suffered considerably.

The volatility during the outbreak of Covid19 shows just how fragile the global economy can be. Sentiment will remain ‘shaky’ as no doubt we expect a continuation of the ‘debt bubble’ with several trillion most certainly due to be added in the coming months (updated 2nd Quarter 2020).

Over the coming years, we see a hyper inflationary period setting in, which is not unusual after such a prolonged (central bank induced) artificial money expansion.

We see more people spending less as their savings are reduced (due to low rates) and yields from many other (regulated investment) vehicles dramatically reducing over time, in line with rising global unemployment.

Formaltrade Asset Management remains independent of these (previously noted) market conditions. Our model is based on ALL price movements of one currency pair. Our model selectively sources particular trades in rising, falling and stagnant markets.

The capability of trading on such fine prices, allow us to gain on positions from the slightest of market moves.

Possible risk factors; can the client disconnect their account at any time?

Yes, if the client wishes, he/she can contact the bank (Swissquote) with instructions to immediately pause or disconnect the trading model at any time, for any reason.

Note:  If the client requests this while there are open positions, the client can ask for them to be closed out or allow Formaltrade group to close them at their original discretionary target level, or agree to do so, by the end of days trading or in any other form or time frame.

Where can all detail information about Formaltrade Group structure be seen?

Kindly review all available detail Formaltrade Group structure information as all terms and conditions regarding every point of Formaltrade Group activities in the global market at all DISCLAIMER sections.

Kindly Notice: All rights reserved for any updates or any upgrades as well as any changes of all disclaimer or any disclaimer(s) section(s) or point(s) at any time.
What internal control processes are in use?

The Formaltrade Group has very well implemented supplementary internal controls of all daily transactions in the company’s business activities.  The internal control measures are based on the company’s introduction of additional yearly transactions reporting, in addition to the annual income reporting to regulatory agencies.

Daily transactions are updated continually prior to the yearly report presented as a percentage table for the authorities. By means of this table, the public can follow all levels of transactions in the form of daily, weekly and monthly increases or decreases expressed as percentages.

At the end of each year, the data is submitted to the accounting firm for review and access to the company’s account, which can be checked around the clock and historically.  The table is then updated at the end of each year based on possible confirmation from the accounting firm.

This method helps ensure regulatory agencies can gain an understanding of the company’s business in advance and prior to the annual report. As a result, the process of compilation of information prior to the annual report is also made easier and more accurate, thereby allowing for mistakes to be corrected before they happen.

What can be informed about Formaltrade Group auditors or auditing systems?

Reporting requirements as active audit for Formaltrade entities:

Mandatory information – *According to the regulation only for Formaltrade entities with the requirement to submit a yearly report:

In case of obligated requirements after confirmed higher financial activity, an national/International prepared accounting group is required to be assigned to conduct an audit of the annual report, accounts, and the management of Formaltrade by the board members.

In local jurisdictions, the network of auditors operates as independent local business units. Nationally/Internationally, the accounting group’s clients are primarily businesses with owners who pro-actively take part in the business and actively perform auditing and consulting services within the sectors of finance and taxation.

In addition to examining the annual report, accounts and management on an annual basis, the company’s representative, will state that the audit should be conducted on a periodical basis to ensure correct current accounting and good information to external interested parties, primarily referring in this connection to Formaltrade activities.

This means, at higher financial activity, that external firm will audit the company’s quarterly reports (in case of additional request by the board) on the basis of the demands that external interested parties impose and the company’s representatives consequently consider appropriate. The external firm considers that in the case of any Formaltrade entity tart of higher financial activity the following areas will be of the greatest interest for clients to Formaltrade and Formaltrade Group board members:

– Income statement – are the correct income and expenses reported for the period.
– Taxes and charges – has the company reported and paid the correct charges.
– Equity – does the company satisfy the requirements imposed by the Companies Acts.
– Assets – are the company’s assets correctly valued, are they under the control of the company.

* Exemption for any auditing only in case of inactivity of a registered entity from financial activities.

What can be told about Formaltrade Group legal advisers?

With its international network and business activities, Formaltrade Group has a maximum requirement for legal advice and counsel, particularly in relation to decisions on the potential establishment of businesses or involvement in various projects and launches of new business ideas.

The company also requires specialised legal expertise in relation to internal commission contracts and outside contracts with foreign companies and alliance partners.

At international law firm network, our company receives access to qualify and extensive global law firm services.

What can be said about management structure?

Formaltrade is provided Banking technical solution enabling the clients to appoint Formaltrade as an Asset Management company on their participations. To support this activity, provider Bank creates a unique environment, adapted to Formaltrade Group management as follows:

  • Sophisticated reporting and a wide range of risk management tools in combination with the top regulatory environment and unique access to liquidity create adequate investment and management environment for Formaltrade, and to be able to offer the best solid protected management solution to the participant clients.
  • By efforts to lead and to keep increasing the confidence of the client’s positive and protected results, Formaltrade operations fundamentally offer the best-protected management structure available in the market.
  • Formaltrade GmbH acts as an external discretionary asset manager, only for management via LPOA. Formaltrade’s experienced members and one of a kind self-developed trading and information system, work together with top market providers to present clear wealth management solutions designed to meet the client’s individual needs and requirements.
  • Working with clients to create for them a step by step personal positive growth plan for solid profit expansion and preservation of their existing wealth is one of the main objectives of The Formaltrade.
  • The complete client-in-central advance solution in the financial market means there will always be protection for clients in whichever route the client may choose. Expertise and ability along with an extensive range of product control and services are the reason for the success of all clients.
  • Formaltrade Group management approach is for individuals who do not have the time or the expertise to manage their wealth portfolios by themselves, and for individuals who would value the knowledge and resources that Formaltrade brings to fore.

Supporting all participants clients to make the correct decisions to reach their success, Formaltrade Group will make sure the client’s wealth is performing above standards and the management system works properly and efficiently.

How is slippage handled or best pricing when trading?

Selected Banks endeavours to offer every one of its clients, including Formaltrade as External Manager, the best possible risk management tools to safely navigate volatile markets.
By using the Slippage Control Functionality and fix pricing, Formaltrade may pre-select the minimum possible negative slippage that could potentially adversely affect the execution price of its market orders.
Formaltrade may even totally exclude any possible negative slippage over various selected trade sessions.

What is the Profit-sharing, management fees or Mark-ups?

Profit Sharing

  • With Formaltrade as active External Manager via Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), Clients profits will only be billed by offered % for monthly profit sharing by the bank or instrument provider, as a predetermined percentage and only on any new monthly profits.

Mark-up / Volume Fee / External Spread

  • As for Formaltrade management system costs, is only (1/2) 0,5 mark-up per position, to cover standard management costs to keep real time management system densely intact.
  • Formaltrade mark-up cost or any other possible external fees charged by any instrument issuer or bank shall not be calculated as profits and will not be affected by any type of monthly results.

Mark-up or named as Volume Fee or External Spread – Samples:

    • 500k USD trade generating 25.00 USD fee per position.
    • 1m USD trade generating 50.00 USD fee per position.
    • 10m USD trade generating 500.00 USD fee per position.
    • 100m USD trade generating 5k USD fee per position.
    • 500m USD trade generating 25k USD fee per position.
    • 1b USD trade generating 50k USD fee per position.

For more accurate used cost system as well as updated existing levels kindly see at: Apply Online

How can historical results be found from Formaltrade Group?

The Formaltrade own trade control file and the numerous real-time statistical and news chart trend tools are an extremely complex build that includes pre-market price booking and real-time news algorithms managed directly by manned trade stations; yet we have made them easy to understand and follow in 5-minute and up to 24 hour market periods, in clients own trade accounts.

It is Formaltrade’s pleasure offering to the clients a sight of superior signal results with a description of own trade structures, work systems and tools, trough historical Results.

In order to access historical trading performances, please visit: Results

Can it be arranged for a meeting with Formaltrade Group?

Yes, Formaltrade has constructed a new working methodology that is better adjusted for today’s required close contact with new and existing clients.

Formaltrade achieves this objective via in-person meetings and conferences to present the business structure on an informative basis.

This hands-on approach and personal care collectively convey a better understanding of the overall activities, methods and goals of the company group.

Through this insight, the client will receive a better understanding and increased confidence, which are always necessary for any successful business relationship.

For more information or for visiting/meeting request, kindly see: Contact

How to apply for a job at Formaltrade Group?

Work Opportunities

Formaltrade Group wishes to gain knowledge of new members for the Management and System departments:

1- International software engineers, referred to as Internal System Developers (ISD)…

2- Currently, Formaltrade Group is actively seeking new Members with different good language skills in different language areas…

For more info kindly visit: Work With Us