Risk & Safety

The following “General Policy” and “Information” are always to be considered concerning the safety of any client’s funds during Formaltrade / Formaltrade Group active management as external fund/asset manager.
Clients must know that any similar or other investment opportunities or any type or kind of internal or external agreements shall be assessed with a tendency towards scepticism and cautiousness regarding any kind of Public information or any recommendations, especially concerning the following declaration below, as some of the most important parts from DISCLAIMER:


Formaltrade GmbH is founded and licensed in Switzerland.

Formaltrade GmbH working permission is registered via The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) through the PolyReg for Asset Management as General Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO).

        —  The Risks & Notices involved with asset management and trading:  

  • Formaltrade GmbH acts as an external Asset Manager controlled and verified by the authorities in Switzerland.
  • The content of presentations of any Formaltrade entities and the content of this entire website is for informational purposes only and is NOT intended to be and should not be interpreted as any advice or any recommendation or any marketing in anyhow.
  • The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative and is not a guarantee of future performance.
  • Due to market fluctuations, the value of an investment can increase or decrease at a future date.
  • Recovery of any losses or any new profits on capital is not guaranteed.
  • Fixed capital recovery or fixed return or fixed recovery period or fixed return period is not guaranteed and is not accepted and is not provided.
  • Forex (FX-Spot/FX-pairs/FX-CFDs) trading involves a high amount of risk with all kinds and sizes of capital erosion probabilities.
  • Any capital preservation stop or equity stop or stop loss level is not a guaranteed stop level.

Ombudsman Financial Services Provider (OFD)

Formaltrade GmbH Ombudsman's office recognised by the Federal Department of Finance as a neutral mediator that can provide competent information and act as an independent mediator in various agreement-related discussions.

Please read carefully all important information on DISCLAIMER ⟩⟩⟩