The following “General Policy” and “Information” are always to be considered concerning the safety of any client’s funds during Formaltrade Group active management. Clients must know that any or OTHER investment opportunities shall be assessed with a tendency towards skepticism and cautiousness regarding any kind of Public information or any recommendations, especially concerning the following:

  • Investment opportunities ‘too good to be true’: Stay away from Forex (FX-Spot/Currency pairs) trading opportunities that claim to make you rich overnight. Do not use your hard-earned savings or your retirement fund, or resort to mortgaging your house, to invest in these types of schemes. Chances are that you may never get your money back. Clients extremely unlikely can receive high wealth overnight.
  • Guaranteed profits or claims of any or unusually very high performance or specific future dated results: Anybody claiming to give you any fixed monthly result(s) or a regular or very high return per month is promising something that cannot be delivered and is illegal and is prohibited to use in Formaltrade Group markets activities. These claims of any or massive profits or any specific one-time selected period are likely to be false and are basically tactics to lure in your money. Clients “if any” historical results constitute no guarantee for future results.
  • Downplaying of the risks involved with currency trading: Always be wary of statements claiming that a company or individual will recover your loses or that your investment will remain safe. Forex (FX-Spot/Currency pairs) trading involves a high amount of risk, and you may end up losing all or part of your investment. Clients shall Not accept any imaginary new recovery and promise plan or dated recovery plan. Only with possible and available equity protection at the provider Bank or broker firm will Clients be assured to have a preliminary and controlled capital protection.
  • Difficulty obtaining background information: Don’t deal with anyone who won’t readily give you their background information via provider bank. Clients shall “know” and have correct information about their fund manager. No private person, only company with working license or permit at the bank, controlled by the bank, need to be and can be verified by the bank.
  • Do not transfer any amount to any third or external person or company, for to be a part of any financial program only with promises for higher or fix determined profitability.

Formaltrade clients are comprised of investors from around the world. The majority of Formaltrade Group clients are individuals that have with their own initiative requested to be accepted after control for management.  Their trust in us is reinforced by the steady flow of standard controlled forecasts and consistent earnings.  Yields and returns are in the form of good averages, but more importantly using correct and protected forecasts of profits.

Formaltrade Group considers high-quality protected risk management coupled with rational profitability at all times to be better than anything else found in financial market.

3 most logical recommendations which are provided to all Formaltrade Group clients:

1- Client must have their own trade bank account or purchased instrument in their own bank account !
2- Client only, must have account control or purchased instrument control at any time !
3- Client must not stay for any profit sharing in case there are no profits !
Simple but honest - The right way.

"No Marketing, No Targeting, No Influence, simply only globally existence info by FormaltradeGroup.COM"

Any request for any form of contact or any participation or for any agreement or contract in any matter is legally binding and is engaged by applicant own initiative otherwise correct and acceptable info must be provided and is confirmed in writing by applicant that any request is without any influence by anyone or any party and is accepted and confirmed by applicant that Formaltrade Group does not accept any responsibility whatsoever and is not liable for and about any possible regulation in and from any country the applicant is resident and the applicant is solely responsible for any national or international regulation(s) and must with own responsibility control all the regulation(s) which may apply to applicant in any jurisdiction and about any matter connected to Formaltrade Group or any Formaltrade entity activity in the global market with all rights reserved which also is connected to all Disclaimer sections, terms and points.