Team Work

Formaltrade Group is a team consisting of software engineers and market´s best traders and specialists, with extensive experience and expertise in global financial market.
Formaltrade recognises the importance of business development for The Group's own wealth management system.
This is made possible by a uniquely qualified field of company members and is made available by the banks product provided by one of the top international financial brokers or banks, in conjunction with confirmation by a good profit system with solid results.

Formaltrade consistently works diligently to develop and to implement new and different system visions for the company group which have been established after many years of hard work, and now are approved at and by the Banks.

Assisted by Its Staff

Formaltrade Group continuously has good opportunities to be involved in various projects and range of choices in various professional categories. These projects and investment opportunities are carefully screened and reviewed by the company's attorneys whom directly control and analyse safety and potential returns.

Investments are planned only after meticulous review of the project and its contractual form. Investments are financed through profits and restricted bank credit/s only.
In this manner, the company profits from both the currency trading and the projects, resulting in augmentation of the company's budget and/or risk buffer.

In tandem, these activities are meant to provide or guarantee each other's agility and contribute to the company's overall growth capacity.

Work With Us

Formaltrade Group wishes to gain knowledge of new members for Management and System departments:

1- International software engineers with some good years of experience in signal systems and statistics calculation systems and auto data base extender and also replaceable systems with good knowledge in English, referred to as Internal System Developers (ISD).

  • Please send your application request and contact information with your qualifications together with the code "ISD" via: Vacant Positions

2- Currently, Formaltrade Group is actively seeking new International Members as new client contact persons or International Division Manager as client group contact managers with different good language skills in different language areas.
These requests are desired to be able to assist individuals or companies that have found on their own initiative and have also contacted Formaltrade Group on their own initiative for participation in potentially available management by Formaltrade Group.

  • Please send your application request and contact information with your qualifications together with the code "IM & IDM" via: Vacant Positions