Currently, Formaltrade Group is actively seeking new International Members as new client contact persons or International Division Manager as client group contact managers with different good language skills in different language areas.
Also Formaltrade Group wishes to gain knowledge of new members for System development department (s).

How to apply for any available position

  • Kindly fill in all required entry fields.
  • Click on "Start Application Process".
  • Operation Team will reply with attached PDF agreement.
  • Kindly read all the agreement points carefully.
  • Kindly print and sign the PDF agreement (No Digital Signature).
  • Kindly scan your verified signed PDF agreement and email to Operation Team via:
    (The last page of agreement must include with Signature Verification by Apostle).
  • Operation Team will reply in a timely manner after approval.
  • In case of approval, kindly submit your original documents via recommended postal to:
    ( Formaltrade GmbH - Baarerstrasse 82, ZUG 6300, Switzerland )
  • After approval applicant can start to work or inform for registration of introduced / provided clients with their own initiative or provided assistance after informed request for any new clients or any possible new activity or information meetings after after request and approval.
Application for Position, at the end of this page!

"Internal System Developers" (ISD)

International software engineers with some good years of experience in signal systems and statistics calculation systems and auto data base extender and also replaceable systems with good knowledge in English, referred to as Internal System Developers (ISD).


“International Members” (IM)

  • The program "International Members" (IM) provides an opportunity for both individuals and companies to benefit from receiving a commission in the form of monthly profit sharing by helping clients to Formaltrade Group especially may in different languages.
  • An "IM" can earn up to 5%, 20%, or 25% from Formaltrade's monthly profits, as they are periodically generated by Formaltrade under active wealth management for existing or new clients, who have requested Formaltrade Group services on their own initiative and have been continuously assisted by IM.
  • Adding new clients who directly have requested management services with their own initiative can also be adapted for each member and for each new IM application.
  • IM can possibly be upgraded to "International Division Managers" (IDM) according to specified volume and after approval.

"International Division Managers" (IDM)

  • The program "International Division Managers" (IDM) is offered for higher capital pool or responsibility for many clients or responsibility for several of new or existing IM(s).
    • IDM salary is protected by fixed percentage jointly with variable profit sharing.
    • IDM is provided with own Formaltrade contact informations as a new active member.
    • Career advancement opportunities with new title, assignments and higher income.
    • Availability to be provided with many capabilities for the best suitable solutions (travels, seminars, projects & etc.).

How to Assist Clients After IM/IDM approval

  • Kindly inform the clients about the way for Participation, after direct own initiative request.
  • Inform Formaltrade Operation Team about assisted clients with their own initiative.
  • Assist the clients to apply for start with provider bank or instrument info, if directly requested by the clients with their own initiative, or request Operation Team to assist.
  • Assist the clients for start with registration as well for activation in any step, if directly requested by the clients with their own initiative, or request operation team to assist.
  • After at the end of every month and after monthly management activities, possible earnings will be submitted to IM/IDM.
  • Possible profit sharing will be calculated according to the provided information at Disclaimer or other approved levels as requested and after approval.

    Activity as IM/IDM of management requests are desired for to be able to assist individuals or companies, that have found on their own initiative Formaltrade information and have also contacted Formaltrade Group on their own initiative, for participation in potentially available management by Formaltrade Group.

    Any individual or organisation with potential contact networks in the financial services industry or in any business community may can become a successful "IM" or "IDM".

    • Introduction of New IM/IDM, Earn 5% of profit share Monthly
    • Introduction of New Client, Earn 20% of profit share Monthly
    • Introduction of New Client & New IM/IDM, of profit share Earn 25% Monthly
    • Earn 5% — 20% — 25% of profit share,  Best Offer in the Market
    • + Become International Division Manager and combine with fixed monthly salary.




Submittal of any information by the Sender implies acceptance of Disclaimer set forth by Formaltrade/Formaltrade Group.