Formaltrade Group provides excellent software and management services, works with the participants’ clients to create a personal positive growth plan for a solid profit expansion and to retain its existing wealth, which is the Formaltrade Group’s main goal.
Formaltrade Group ensures that participants client’s wealth is performing above standards and that the management system works efficiently.

Software Development by top Modification

Formaltrade Group’s software development department is a best-compiled programmer and computer engineers, as a specialist team, also known as the best-selected system developer who plays a key role in system design, installation, testing and maintenance.

 The computer systems and programs created by Formaltrade Group are most beneficial for user’s pro more efficient work with the best-selected implements and capabilities.

Management Services with a Difference

Formaltrade Group management services by specialists with many years of combined experience, solely in the largest and most liquid markets in the world, are offering clients a historically positive return on investments independent of the trend of the financial markets.

 Management service provider through limited power of attorney approved and controlled by provider bank without any transaction between client and the company.


Fundamentally offering the best-protected management services and structure available in the marketplace.
Expertise and ability along with an extensive range of product control and services are the reason for Formaltrade Group client’s successes, as one of the best management structure available in the market.
Dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible standard of superiority: Transparency, Security, Profitability.


“General Policy” and “Information” provided by Formaltrade Group are always to be considered concerning the safety of any client’s funds during Formaltrade active management which can be found on Disclaimer webpage .
Clients must know that other investment opportunities shall be assessed with a tendency towards skepticism and cautiousness regarding any kind of worldwide public information which can be found on SAFETY webpage.


The Formaltrade own management control system, the numerous real-time statistical and news chart trend tools are an extremely complex build that includes pre-market price booking and real-time news systems.
It is Formaltrade’s pleasure offering to the clients a sight of superior signal results with description of own trade structures, work systems and tools, trough historical Results.

Profit Sharing

With Formaltrade as active External Fund/Asset Manager via Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA):

Clients profits will only be billed maximum by 50% for monthly profit sharing by the bank or instrument provider, as a predetermined percentage and only on any new monthly profits.

Actively Managed Certificate (AMC)

Issued AMC :

  • Introduced AMC’s available to be provided for the appropriate client to purchase.
  • This way of management, the client owns a tradable certificate/instrument and the value will always be protected and held by the bank and only ever managed by the Formaltrade as an external fund manager.
  • The client will be provided with their own specified & protected certificate/instrument, held in their own account anywhere and available at any time.
  • Formaltrade works alongside the world’s largest banks and institutions, using internal trade tool systems and greatest possible liquidity, to achieve the highest profit with top security.

How to Apply to participate on own initiative for Future Results.

Mark-up / Volume Fee

As for Formaltrade management system costs, is only 0,5 mark-up per position, to cover standard management costs to  data and information suppliers to keep real time management system densely intact. Formaltrade mark-up cost shall not be calculated as profits and will not be affected by any type of monthly results.

Standardised Mark-up / Volume Fee

For each amount of one million USD traded the Client will be charged the USD amount agreed in LPOA.
1m USD traded charged with 50.00 USD per position.
(USD or equivalent in another currency)


Formaltrade Group presenting to the clients, selection of available protected management solutions at different jurisdictions and broker firms or banks. Formaltrade Group selecting and presenting top Banks as external broker firms with availability of protected management solutions.
It is a great pleasure to announce that through a unique opportunity by a pursuit of excellence and the challenge for growth, one of the Formaltrade Group of companies will now be able to assist and inform its participant clients about the benefits of New Protected Management System, as their own Management Company.
Formaltrade acts only as independent External Fund / Asset Management company designed for active and protected management with entirely self-owned, self-developed management signals system and real time information software system, also independently without any business relationships with any prime broker firm or bank.